U.S. Soybean Crop Condition

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This map compares current crop condition between states. The "greener" the state, the better the crop condition compared to other states.

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Thursday, March 23rd, 10:27:19 PM EDT

Due to the mature 2018/19 soybean crop the USDA has finished reporting crop condition in their weekly release until the next growing season

What is Crop Condition

The USDA publishes a crop progress and condition report weekly during the growing season (April - November). The original USDA report can be found here on the USDA's website. Condition is rated on the percent of crop in five categories (very poor, poor, fair, good, excellent). A single crop condition score is computed by assigning a weight from 1 - 5 to each category and summing the total. The USDA collects crop condition data by surveys performed by the local Farm Service Agency FSA website to farmers.

Soybean Condition for the United States

Soybean condition for the 2018/19 is no longer reported by the USDA after the week ending 10/21/2018. The last condition report is displayed below.

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Released Oct 22, 2018

no change

Latest condition report

Week Ending Very Poor Poor Fair Good Excellent
Oct. 21 3 23  48  18 
Oct. 14 3 23  48  18 

Source: USDA | See full report

Soybean condition is currently good with 66% of the United States rated good to excellent and 11% is rated less than poor.

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47.9 bu/acre

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