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Get instant access to the latest Export Sales. Our export gauges will update automatically as soon as a new report is released. The next Export Sales release is February 9, 8:30:00 am EST.

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2019/20 Marketing Year

2020/21 Marketing Year


2019/20 Marketing Year

2020/21 Marketing Year

What is a live release?

The WASDE report contains supply and demand predictions that can quickly impact the price of commodities. The report is released at 12:00:00 EDT during live trading hours, and price often moves sigificantly after a report is released. The faster you are able to receive and analyze the report for important information, the better you are positioned to make smart marketing decisions. CropReports.com WASDE Watch Live delivers the report to you LIVE, almost instantly, directly to this web page. All you need to do to receive the report live is come to this page before the next release date and wait for the timmer to hit zero. Once the report is received we will automatically update this screen with the ending stocks of the most watched commodities. For further WASDE report details, click on SEE CHANGES for the commodity you are interested in and all of the latest report details will be displayed.